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What equipment will I need?

After you have completed a beginner’s course and joined the club you can continue using the clubs equipment or you may want to purchase your own. Below is a list of items you will need.

Bows (click to see types)

There are three main types of bow, wooden (Longbow or Flat) Recurve and Compound.

Arrow  Rest

This fits to the bow and holds the front of the arrow in place when you draw

Bow Stringer

Always safer to use a purpose made stringer.

Arrows (Click to see Types)

There are many different types of arrows available but the main ones are Wood (Longbow and Flatbow) Aluminium and Carbon. The arrows need to match the bow type and draw weight. The staff at your local archery shop will be able to sort you out with a suitable set. Cheaper aluminium or wooden arrows are fine to begin with. You will need at least 6 plus spares, a dozen is a good number to buy


Find one that is comfortable and large enough for your arrows. It is a good idea to get one with two or more compartments for the arrows. This allows you to separate the arrows that you are shooting from your spares or damaged arrows. You are less likely to shoot too many arrows at the target by mistake.


A sight is not essential for all bow types or classes (categories) in fact on some bow types you are not allowed a sight. You will most likely want a sight for recurve or compound bows. Simple sights are OK to begin with but often lack adjustment range for long distance targets. It is better if you can afford it to go for a sight that can be adjusted for length as well as up/down, left/right. Compound sights can have magnification, don't go for a high magnification to begin with.

Stabilisers (optional)

Not applicable for longbows/Flatbows. For recurves and compound bows you need a bow that has the threaded inserts to take the long rod/steady bars.

Finger Tab

The best choice for a recurve bow is a platform tab. For a longbow a shooting glove or simple tab is preferable. Compound bow archers normally use a release aid. Various types are available.

Arm Guard

Protection from the string hitting your arm.

Chest Guard (optional)

Case or Bag

Apart from cost, one thing to consider is, will it fit in to the boot of your car. If it doesn't, how will you get it to and from a shoot. It should be big enough to fit the majority of your equipment and protect it from damage during transit.