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Traditional longbows are making something of a comeback and several club members regularly shoot with them. They are of all-wood one-piece construction and are used with wooden arrows.

Compound Bow

Compound bows are another very popular bowstyle. Originally developed in the USA for hunting, they are shorter and more powerful than recurve bows, using a pulley/cam system to assist drawing the bow and holding it in the aim. They are not normally dismantled, but being short are easy to transport fully-assembled.

GNAS regulations provide for magnifying sights and mechanical release aids in the ‘Compound Unlimited’ category, meaning the highest absolute scores are set using this type of bow.

Recurve Bows

These are either ‘one-piece’ construction or, more normally, ‘take-down’ (where the limbs can be removed for transport).

The central part (the ‘handle’ or 'riser') is wood or metal; the two bendy 'limbs' are of a laminated construction including wood and glassfibre at the cheaper end, moving to wood, foams and carbon.

Most all but the cheapest take-down bows utilise a standard (‘international’) limb fitting which allows archers to mix and match risers and limbs, and eases replacement or upgrades.